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Communication solutions

for hospitality

Improve customer satisfaction by providing them with quality service.

Selection of reliable and superior performance solutions

Give your visitors quality service and experience. Hotels benefit from our expertise to offer you reliable, efficient solutions perfectly tailored to your customers’ requirements.

Enhance your user experience

High quality customer welcome, quality internet connection, quick and easy access to all types of information (news, weather…), entertainment services (VOD, JUBOX ..), on-demand services (alarm clock, room service…).
Guests today want to feel at home when staying at a hotel. Stand out from your competitors by providing them with the right experience, improving customer satisfaction and maintaining their loyalty.

Our hotel solutions
  • Protel PMS is the premier IT solution for the hotel business, technologically and by representation, a leader in Europe and one of 2 global leaders. A proven and stable solution, it has been implemented in more than 20,000 hotels and facilities, most in Europe, with global hotel chain contracts.
  • Protel has a base of over 150 hotels in the market of Serbia and ex-YU countries that we have successfully implemented in the last 6 years and for which we provide technical support.
  • The solution is distinguished by its flexibility, which distinguishes it in the market, which is especially evident in the support and in the formation of tailor-made functionality according to the specific requirements of the hotel.
  • Protel is a complete solution with developed and certified interfaces (over 1,000) to other hotel software and hardware systems that can be installed as needed by individual hotels (F&B, accounting, CRM, Wellness & SPA, Revenue management, BMS, access control, PBX, IPTV, WiFi, etc.)

Network and WI-FI

Create, set up and manage your Wi-Fi network entirely in the cloud or on-premise.

Provide maximum coverage, always stable bandwidth, manage your customers, separate clients and employees by creating special networks.


Fully flexible phone solutions that integrate seamlessly with your current architecture, PMS, improve the comfort of your clients and the efficiency of your employees.

+ a range of features dedicated to the hotel environment: alarm clock, direct dialing, room service …


Select TV packages by language, genre + VOD (video on demand) or tailor it according to your clientele.

Take advantage of additional services such as: personalized greeting (personalized message when turning on the TV), messaging (sending messages directly on the television screen), chromecast…