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At a time when the IT and communications industries are changing on a daily basis, it is a challenge for every company to notice the change in the market, to accept that change, to adapt and to move on with business development. Also, in such an environment where change is rapid and frequent, it is necessary for the company to maintain the trend of investing in the education of its sales and technical team. The goal is to be first; be at your service; be professional. The goal is a satisfied user.

In the last eight years we have achieved an exceptional level of customer satisfaction in our company. We have encountered many different projects, we have mastered new technologies, we have perfected to perfection, in order to stand out among others today. With quality services and equipment and professional support, we have enabled other companies to perform their daily business tasks smoothly and to be successful in doing so.
In the meantime, we specialize in hotel infrastructure solutions that include the entire IT and business platform. From the RJ-45 port through the hardware and PMS, all the way to the maintenance contract.

In the coming period, we will strengthen the team, expand our business and IT services and focus more on customer care and post-sales activities, as our trump card in the market.
Our goal is for our Customers to count on a loyal and honest business relationship during the collaboration, and to see our company as a true business partner.

Dragan Biljić
CEO of TR Services Serbia

Over 300 satisfied clients

Téléautomate of TMC – Phone Manufacturing Company was founded


Establishment of TR Services by merging Téléphonie Européenne and Téléautomate


Management purchases TR Services


The acquisition of Centrale Téléphone


TR Services has it’s first appearance on the stock market


The acquisition of IVM


Acquisition of Artelcom Group and formation of new TR Services Group


ATTI acquisition and international development – opening of 2 new branches in China (Shanghai) and Serbia (Belgrade)

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Dragan Biljić

Executive Director

Professional education and training as well as 15 years of working experience in France in the fields of telecommunications and application integration in large network systems. During this time, Dragan Biljić spent 6 years in Lyonnaise Communication managing and organizing the maintenance of the existing switching networks of Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent and Aastra. As an external associate, he has led projects on the installation of new and upgrading existing network structures in France and abroad. Since 2007, he has joined Artelcom, which has been a member of the TR Services group since 2008, where he leads and manages the team at the local branch of TR Services Belgrade.

Lionel Smeers


Lionel Smeers, a bookkeeping expert, began his career at Deloitte, where he gained extensive knowledge and expertise in auditing and corporate governance. In 1996, he became CFO of the Vivendi Group’s IT subsidiary, after which he became CEO of Artelcom & Asten Communications in 1999. Lionel Smeers becomes CEO of TR Services Group on March 31, 2008.