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Video conference

Video conferencing can be used to build real-time business connections for multi-location organizations nationally and internationally. For example, it can be used to run strategic meetings from the right room or from a workstation with the right equipment. Unlike an on-site meeting, a video conference provides a number of benefits for businesses and users, such as:

  • Lower costs: reduce travel costs
  • More efficient use of working hours: no more long journeys
  • Improved responsiveness and productivity: faster decision making

Unified communications

Unified Communications is at the heart of the company’s IT strategy, enabling it to improve productivity through new communication and working methods that foster real-time information sharing between employees. We provide our clients with expertise in these new generations of applications that are more and better suited to the current work environment, such as:

  • Convergent office:
    • Collaboration tools: spreadsheets, file-sharing, web page submission, co-browsing
    • Instant messaging
    • User presence indicator
    • Video calls
  • Unified messaging
  • “Unique number” technology

Contact centers

We are in a position to partner with advanced customers in integrating contact center solutions into their IT infrastructure. These agreed solutions enable companies to seamlessly incorporate new media such as the Internet and E-mail into their customer care process. They include:

  • Unified multimedia contact management – voice, text messaging, and web collaboration or email.
  • Outgoing call and scripting solutions
  • Managing multi-location architectures
  • Computer Telephone Integration (CTI): Functions of raising caller files and intelligent routing associated with the database
  • Interactive Voice Server
  • Record conversations and monitor quality

Interactive voice server

We provide our customers with Interactive Voice Response solutions that can be used to improve call answering and make it more professional. An interactive voice server system can be used to connect to a company information system and build connections with people who contact the company. Reason to introduce Interactive Voice Server:

  • The contact center wait time is too long
  • Certain users disconnect without contacting an agent
  • The information you provide to your users is repeated
  • You need to know the identity of the caller and confirm it
  • Your customers need real-time access to accurate information, without waiting 24/7/365 days a year, to track orders, account balances, delivery status
  • You need to handle a large amount of calls over a short period.

Interactive voice server solutions can be used to accomplish all these goals and integrate perfectly into existing infrastructure. They are often enriched by the use of technologies such as voice recognition and voice synthesis.