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Services lie at the core of our offering: the success of your project

Our mission is to support you in your growth with high quality services, from revisions to the integration phase and selective or global outsourcing services. We support a large group of key corporate clients on national and international projects, as well as small and medium-sized companies for their IT infrastructure projects. We carefully shape our offer to the specific needs of each sector of activity: banking / finance, administration / public sector, transport, industry, tourism, automotive, distribution, etc.

Technological expertise and innovation

Our expertise relies on our lab where all of our solutions have been tested and validated by our team of engineers and experts, as well as developing innovations without affecting existing applications at client locations.

Certification is our added value

Our job is to deliver technology-controlled solutions and services. TR Services has all the accreditation and skills to apply solutions. So the key to our knowledge lies in controlling all the links in your IT infrastructure.
TR Services

From the audit and consulting phase to the specification and validation of the solution, our team will provide the technological and business expertise to work together and to design the most effective solution for your business.

  • Technology monitoring
  • Market restriction studies
  • Performance and inventory Audit
  • Telecommunication surveillance
  • Defining your functional needs
  • Assistance in the realization of your requirements and specifications
  • Recommendations
  • Strategy development
  • Budget analysis

Integration and application of our solutions based on proven methods in terms of project management. We bring our knowledge and our expertise to your IT convergence projects.

  • Detailed architectural design
  • Pre-migration supervision
    • Defining architecture
    • Development scenario
    • Planning
  • Designing a Model
  • Software integration
  • Project management
  • Implementing the solution
  • Testing, verification and approval
  • Delivery
    • Detailed project file
    • Validation test file
    • Object file

IT service management is based on the best practices of “support management” for technology infrastructures. Managing, measuring and constantly improving the quality of services is part of the mission of our technical team. We constantly update the expertise of our engineers and technicians through training and certification, including our certification partners.

  • Technical Center: 10 engineers and technicians
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Service 24/7/365

We support our customers by providing skills for IT infrastructure and system hosting management and their deployment in our network operations center resources. The form and content of the service package and the size of the field team are based on the goals and requirements of the client and his or her internal organization. By providing high quality and fast service that enable companies to:

  • Solve the task of managing and maintaining systems in order to concentrate on their core business
  • Optimize their telecommunication solutions
  • Reduce costs
  • They have a clear overview of their costs

We bring you a “key in hand” infrastructure and application management solution through our carrier’s offerings.

Our services are performed in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards.