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Healthcare solutions

Enable patients, staff, devices, processes and facilities, to stay connected so everyone can communicate efficiently and securely.

Our healthcare solutions simplify day-to-day tasks whilst simultaneously giving better results.

Providing secure connections for a wide variety of services, such as wired and wireless networks, instant messaging, IoT implementation, and location-based services.

We provide the tools to secure and streamline all communication, allowing physicians to collaborate better and in turn also give them more time to dedicate to their patients. Which results in more satisfied residents and patients.

Hospitals of the future

Our vision

The hospital experience is changing into a more connected ecosystem. By focusing on innovative technology it enables:

  • Personalized healthcare with a patient-centered approach
  • Digital tools to best optimize quality of care
  • Connectivity for a smart hospital

What we offer with our partner:

Samsung Digital Solutions  Here

Optimizing the care pathway with real-time communications

Real-time communications are a vital component of how we make everything connect across healthcare facilities, optimizing the care pathway for patients and clinical staff. Here are the benefits:

  • Higher patient satisfaction during calls, appointments and hospital stays for acute, chronic or long-term conditions.
  • Improved patient safety with instant access to the best available resources, sending the right information to the right person at the right time.
  • Better patient care thanks to knowledge sharing by extending multi-disciplinary clinician collaboration as well as patient interaction, both beyond hospital borders.

Improve the stay of patients

With digital signage or interactive kiosk solutions improve the experience of patients while allowing them to benefit from connected services such as Wifi, IPTV or video conferencing.

Improve the security of patients

Set up ultra-secure patient call solutions with or without voice.

Keep an eye on residents with the system, because the safety of communication between patients and caregivers is a top priority.

Improve the efficiency of the care-giving teams

We facilitate patient reception and communication by creating integrated and multi-channel solutions.

For example, sending automated SMS messages to remind appointment times significantly reduces the number of missed appointments.